iPhone 12 Still Expected to Launch This Fall Despite COVID-19 Delays

Although manufacturing woes has caused many to expect hardware delays from Apple this coming fall season, a new report suggests that Apple manufacturers are still on track to ship the currently unannounced iPhone 12 this fall.

According to a new report from Bloomberg, anonymous sources told the outlet that despite the current COVID-19 delays in manufacturing, iPhone 12 is still expected to start shipping this fall. While many Apple suppliers have been affected by temporary factory closures during the course of the COVID-19 spread, the sources told Bloomberg that the timeline of the new smartphone may be exempt as production will not begin until May.

While production may still be on track, supply chains are not moving at their normal pace. In the report, one source said that operations are being affected due to the flow of component shipments. Apple sources key components from all over the world.

Suppliers in Malaysia, for example, has temporarily shut down production amidst a two-week lockdown. Apple’s other suppliers and teams located in such countries as Italy, the United States, South Korea, and the UK have also been heavily affected. Foxconn, which is located in China, was also affected in the early stages of the coronavirus outbreak. However, the manufacturer expects normal operations will commence by the end of March.

While a slow lead into production may be a thorn in Apple’s side, the company has managed to build test versions of the iPhone 12. According to sources familiar with Apple’s production procedures, the company typically finalizes design features in November and December in the year before launch. By April, mass-production of casings begin and by May, final assembly, testing, and packing begin.

While this timeline could potentially be affected due to extensions to country-wide lockdowns, as it currently stands we should still expect to see the new iPhone 12 this coming fall.