iPhone 13 May Feature 1TB Storage, According to Analyst Report

Apple’s unannounced iPhone 13 may feature a sizeable leap in storage options, comparable to many Android devices. A new analyst report notes that some models of this year’s iPhone lineup may offer 1TB of storage.

In a report from Wedbush, seen by MacRumors, analyst Daniel Ives discussed that supply chains and their confidence in the upward momentum of Apple’s 5G products could lead towards improved specs across the new iPhones. This has lead the analysts to peg that Apple will nearly double the threshold of storage options in some of the iPhone 13 models.

Initial Asia supply chain builds for ‌iPhone 13‌ are currently in the 100 million unit range compared to our initial iPhone 12 reads at 80 million units and represents a 25% increase YoY out of the gates. While this number will clearly move around over the coming months, we believe this speaks to an increased confidence with Cook & Co. that this 5G driven product cycle will extend well into 2022 and should also benefit from a post vaccine consumer “reopening environment.” From a spec perspective, we have increased confidence that iPhone 13 will have a 1 terabyte storage option which is double from the highest Pro storage capacity today (512GB) and will also include a number of enhancements with Lidar across all iPhone 13 models.

Currently, the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max are the only two contemporary iPhone models to offer 512GB. It’s likely that if Apple does indeed offer a 1TB option, it will be reserved for the higher-end models, leaving the base model and a supposed iPhone 13 Mini with the standard 64GB up to 256GB. The only mobile Apple device to offer 1TB of storage currently is the iPad Pro models. A 1TB storage option is a bit more common in  Android devices. Samsung’s Galaxy devices introduced 1TB storage in the Galaxy S10 in 2019.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard rumours and speculation pertaining to a potential 1TB iPhone. In October of 2020, Front Page Tech‘s Jon Prosser teased out that a 1TB iPhone may be announced.

Aside from storage options, Wedbush also notes that it’s likely we’ll see LiDAR scanner implementation across the board with this year’s iPhone offering. Again, only the Pro models of the iPhone 12 offer the LiDAR scanner, which is commonly used for augmented reality applications.