iPhone 14 Pro Suggested to Support Always-On Display, According to Xcode 14 Beta

Apple’s unannounced iPhone 14 Pro models may support an always-on display, similar to the Apple Watch. Rumours have circulated about this feature in the past. However, new evidence emerges that Apple’s higher-end iPhone 14s may offer support.

Within the latest Xcode 14 beta, it’s been discovered that there are suggestions that the iPhone 14 Pro models may offer an always-on display for users. MacRumors contributor Steve Moser found that the Xcode 14 beta includes a minimalist Lock Screen interface. It appears as though this interface eliminates unneeded details from an on-screen widget as the screen wakes. Similar to the Apple Watch when it awakes, this code shows that the iPhone 14 Pro models may only show fundamental details when the device is locked with an active always-on display.

Photos Moser included primarily show that the Lock Screen only shows the time and date when the always-on display is active.

Previously, the iOS 16 beta code shows evidence of an always-on display as well. Within this code, we’re shown that Apple’s vision for an always-on display for iPhone may include ways of saving and preserving battery life. The iOS 16 source code notes an always-on display within Springboard, which manages the Lock Screen and Home Screen of the iPhone.

An always-on display may be exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max due to their expected support of a variable refresh rate scale. It’s said that unlike the iPhone 13 Pro models, which support 10Hz to 120Hz, the iPhone 14 Pro models can scale between 1Hz and 120Hz. This is essential in order to utilize the required display technology.

We still have a little while to go until all is revealed. Historically, Apple hosts its annual keynote in September to reveal the latest iPhone as well as other flagship devices. Apple is expected to launch four new iPhone models this year. Renders released have shown core design changes. For example, some believe the new iPhone may offer a pill-shaped and circular True Depth front camera array in exchange for the notch. Bezels may always be thinner.