New Rumour Suggests Apple is Developing Switch-Like Gaming Device

A new rumour has surfaced, suggesting that Apple is developing its own gaming-centric device, akin to Nintendo’s portable hybrid Switch console.

According to iDropnews, Apple is exploring the possibility of releasing its own gaming device. The report claims that alongside a redesigned Apple TV, a Switch competitor may be in development from the iPhone maker. It’s suggested that Apple is developing a Switch-like device that can be used in handheld mode and docked to play on a TV or other display.

“New info that I have sourced is saying Apple is working on “their take of a premium hybrid gaming console” and that “games rivaling Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey” are almost ready to go.”

iDropnews also claims that Apple is working to release AAA games to rival Nintendo’s Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Though, it’s more likely that Apple is partnering with unique development studios rather than make it in-house.

Outside of the above claim from sources, the report is framed around a lot of guesswork. It’s noted that this device could be the A14 Apple TV device that’s been rumoured in the past. The report also cites a “patent that was posted in 2019” that supposedly depicted “Apple working on a Joy-Con-like device”. More recently, Apple obtained a patent for a gamepad more akin to PlayStation’s DualSense controller for PlayStation 5.

Other than that, the report claims reputable leakers have stated the device would launch “in 2020 or 2021”. We were unable to verify these claims ourselves. Lastly, the report claims that the device would cost an estimated $449 – $549USD. This would make it a more premium option when compared to Nintendo Switch.

All in all, there’s little credible evidence suggesting Apple is indeed working on a device comparable to Nintendo Switch. Apple and its Apple Arcade branch have already been finding success through its accessibility on a number of devices. Apple Arcade titles already support third-party controllers such as the Xbox Wireless Controller and DualShock 4. Introducing a standalone piece of hardware and publishing titles specific to dedicated hardware would inevitably fragment its catalogue.