Rumour Suggests Apple May Announce Third-Gen AirPods and Hi-Fi Apple Music Tier May 18th

Apple has yet to formally announce its third-generation AirPods despite many reports saying an announcement should happen in early 2021. However, a new rumour suggests that Apple may announce the new device alongside the new Apple Music HiFi plan next week on May 18th.

Reports of the rumour were first picked up by AppleTrack who noted that YouTuber Luke Miani shared that sources said an announcement would be coming on May 18th. According to his sources, the announcement would be made via a press release. Miani also claims that the announcement could include information on the new tier for Apple Music, which would include high-fidelity.

Now, of course, Miani doesn’t exactly have a large track record to go off of when it comes to rumours. That said, AppleTrack has heard privately that Apple is planning to announce the new AirPods “in the coming weeks”. It remains to be seen whether or not the announcement will include the new Apple Music tier.

It’s been reported that the third-gen AirPods may feature a similar aesthetic to the current AirPod Pro. This may mean that the new wireless earbuds could feature a shorter stem and replaceable ear tips. Additionally, the AirPods may also have improved battery life. However, reports indicate that the Pro’s active noise cancellation will not be featured on the new AirPods.

Reports on Apple’s latest paid subscription tier for Apple Music have also surfaced recently. It’s been said that the tier will cost $9.99USD and deliver a higher quality experience to listeners.