Bell Hikes ‘Bring Your Own Device’ Price to $45 for Shareable Plans

Last week Rogers increased their Bring Your Own Device price to $50 on their Share Everything plans and as of today, Bell has joined in on the price increase too, as their BYOD rate has increased to $45.

Bell’s Family and Personal Shareable Plans now show a BYOD price of $45/month, as seen below:

Screenshot 2014 04 30 11 50 09

What’s interesting though, is Quebec did not see a price increase and their BYOD remains at $40/month. With Videotron offering the Big 3 regional competition in the province, incumbents must remain ‘competitive’ and offer lower pricing versus the rest of Canada (aside from Manitoba and Saskatachewan, where regional competition is also alive and well).

These price increases on BYOD mean customers are now paying $120 more over a 2-year term.

As of writing, Telus still has their BYOD price at $40/month on their SharePlus plans, but we would probably expect this to change soon.