Bell iPhone 6s Online Pre-Orders Now Available


You can now pre-order your iPhone 6s from Bell’s website. The company is showing all models, colours and configurations as available.

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Bell’s 2-year contract pricing is similar to Rogers and TELUS:

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iPhone 6s

16GB – $398.99 ($914.99 outright)
64GB – $528.99 ($1054.99 outright)
128GB – $658.99 ($1194.99 outright)

iPhone 6s Plus

16GB – $528.99 ($1054.99 outright)
64GB – $658.99 ($1194.99 outright)
128GB – $788.99 ($1334.99 outright)

TELUS iPhone 6s pre-orders are also live, while Rogers will launch theirs at 6AM PDT/9AM EDT.

Let us know what you ordered and how your reservation process was. Feel free to share your status updates below in the comments with your fellow Bell customers.