Crave Keeps Signing Out During ‘House of the Dragon’ Premiere

crave house of the dragon

Tonight was the highly anticipated launch of HBO’s House of the Dragon, with the series premiere streaming exclusively on Bell Media’s Crave.

However, it seems the intense demand overwhelmed Crave’s servers, as customers were unable to stream at 6pm PT/9pm ET.

“We’re sorry. We have detected an error. Please sign in again to start watching or access your account,” read one error message. Others kept seeing their Crave accounts sign out, or ask them to purchase an active subscription to start streaming. Many on Twitter and Reddit kept saying they were logged out of Crave and were not able to log back in.

In our own tests, we experienced these same sign-out errors. As of writing, streaming House of the Dragon works after the initial demand has subsided.

Just prior to the launch, the @CraveCanada account was telling customers “your patience will be rewarded”, just minutes before the service seemingly failed to handle the sudden demand.

crave patience rewarded

Trending number one on Twitter in Canada was of course everyone talking about House of the Dragon. But trending in fifth place was “Crave”, consisting of numerous tweets from frustrated customers seeing the streaming service fail to deliver the premiere of House of the Dragon.

crave trending twitter



Many criticized Crave for not being prepared to handle the surge in viewership, knowing well in advance House of the Dragon was set to debut tonight.

One shining star was the fact Crave’s app on Apple TV 4K was indeed offering a 4K Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) stream, as confirmed by on-screen developers tools shared by one Reddit user, showing 3840 x 2160 resolution with 60 Hz refresh rate and video range as SDR.

Apple tv 4k house of the dragon 4k

Crave is not alone in dealing with House of the Dragon crashes tonight. HBO Max also crashed for some subscribers using Amazon’s Fire TV devices, confirmed HBO.

Back in June 2019, when the Toronto Raptors won Game 6 in the NBA Final, the Bell Fibe TV app shut down in the final minutes, leaving some Fibe TV customers to miss out on the end of the game. Bell similarly saw streaming issues with Game 5 as well.