Virgin Mobile Survey Concludes Canadians Want Friendly Customer Service

Virgin Mobile conducted its own national survey to conclude Canadians want good customer service. The survey was implemented by Vision Critical from May 19-20, 2015 from a group of 1,504 random Angus Reid Forum adult panelists, and found out the following:

  • 79 per cent of Canadians wanting customer service reps to be friendly and courteous
  • 78 per cent hoping to deal with knowledgeable employees
  • 70 per cent seeking staff who can problem solve
  • 70 per cent of Canadians say they hate it when they can’t speak to an actual person
  • 69 per cent of Canadians say they hate it when there are unresolved issues
  • 68 per cent of Canadians say they hate it when there are rude responses
  • 97 per cent of those surveyed say they’re more likely to stay with a brand if they’re provided with good customer service
  • 95 per cent say they would take their business elsewhere if they aren’t getting good customer service

Virgin Mobile recently topped JD Power’s Wireless Purchase Experience Study, and the company wants you to know that (again). Virgin’s big brother Bell Mobility unfortunately ranked near the bottom of the survey, one spot above Rogers, both below the industry average.

Of course none of these findings are really surprising or groundbreaking. People just want good customer service, right?