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Chatr Mobile, Lucky Mobile Launch Lower-Cost Data-Only Plans, Starting at $15/250MB [u]

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Back in March 2018, the CRTC called for Canada’s Big 3 wireless players to offer cheaper, data-only plans for Canadian consumers.

Rogers, Telus and Bell obliged and previewed their lower-cost data-only plans, which started at $25 for 400MB of data.

Eventually, these proposals were fine-tuned earlier this year to the likes of $15 for 500MB of 3G data (Bell’s Lucky Mobile) and $15 for 250MB 3G data with 100 Canada-wide minutes (Rogers’ chatr).

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The revised proposed plans were to be implemented within 90 days and be available by April 2019. Critics recently slammed these prices as a “joke”, citing they are unreasonable offerings.

Now, it appears Rogers’ Chatr and Bell’s Lucky Mobile have posted their “lower-cost” plans online, now available for purchase. Check out these 3G data offerings below, which require auto-pay top-ups to receive data bonuses, in particularly Chatr’s case:


  • $15/month for 250MB bonus + 100 Canada-wide minutes and unlimited international texts
  • $25/month for 500MB + 500MB bonus (1GB), with Canada-wide data and international text; no voice

Screenshot 2019 03 07 22 02 30

Chatr’s $15/month plan does not indicate unlimited incoming calls on its website, as originally noted in their proposal to the CRTC. Update: Rogers has confirmed with iPhone in Canada this $15 plan does include unlimited incoming calls.

Lucky Mobile  

  • $15/month for 500MB

Screenshot 2019 03 07 22 09 38

As of writing, Telus prepaid brand Public Mobile has not matched Chatr’s $15/250MB plan, but you can expect some sort of price-matching to happen soon.

Are you someone interested in these ‘light’ plans with sparse minutes and data?

[via RFD]

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