66% of Canadians Own a Smartphone, Nearly Half Own a Tablet: CRTC

If you are one of the 66% of Canadians who own a smartphone or if you own a tablet, the CRTC wants to hear your opinion on various topics. As part of its ongoing review of the telecommunications services, the regulator has launched a campaign in which it invites connected Canadians to join the effort to help the CRTC shape the future of telecommunications services in the country.

In the first stage of the review, the CRTC started collecting information to determine the areas that are not being adequately served. The second stage is happening now: the regulator needs your input on the following questions:

– What telecommunications services do Canadians consider necessary to participate in the digital economy?
– Which services do Canadians rely on the most to communicate?
– Should the prices for telecommunications services in Canada be similar between urban and non-urban areas?
– What upload and download speeds for broadband Internet service would meet Canadians’ needs?

The questionnaire and requests to appear at the public hearing scheduled for April 2016 can be filed by February 8, 2016, online; by writing to the Secretary General, CRTC, Ottawa, or Ontario K1A ON2; or by sending a fax to (819) 994-0218.

“As we look to the future of Canada’s telecommunications needs, we are interested in hearing the views of Canadians from across the country, and especially those who do not have access to the technology they need in this digital era,” Jean-Pierre Blais, Chairman and CEO, CRTC said. “In order to fully participate in the digital economy, Canadians need reliable, affordable and modern telecommunications services. Wherever you live in Canada, from St. John’s to Prince Rupert to Moose Jaw to Iqaluit, we want to hear from you.”

Also, Canadians can fill out a short questionnaire to share their opinions on the telecommunications services available in their region. To fill out the online form, click on this link.