Mobile Minute Tracker for Rogers

Hey all!

If you are with Rogers Wireless for cellular service and either want to track your mobile usage for individual or family plan accounts or have a plan with limited minutes, then I think most of you Rogers customers out there will find this application to be very useful.

Mobile Minute Tracker by Pageonce Inc

The name of the app says it all. Track your mobile usage. The app provides a very simple and easy to use interface and comes packed with features.

When you open the app, you are asked to enter your Rogers Wireless online account information. After you enter that, you are presented with a page that has two tabs at the top; Usage and Bills. Under the “Usage” tab the app lists your minutes and data usage and under the “Bills” tab the app lists your current balance, when the payment is due, a bill summary, and a button to make a payment.

You also get a few options by way of turning on/off alerts, passwords, or sound effects within the app.

My account information was not updated yet, so I cannot provide you with real-time pictures, but here are some examples:

Mobile Minute Tracker for Rogers provides you with last-bill tracking of your usage, alerts, payments, and account balance. I will list some of the other available features below:

  • You can view current minute balance, data usage, SMS usage, billing cycle, and previous payments
  • Receive alerts when you reach 90% of your limit or when your bill it due
  • A breakdown of information by family member (if you have a Rogers Family Plan)
  • You can view and pay your account balance directly from the app

All in all, the app is quite useful and the best part is that it is free! So if you are with Rogers Wireless, jump on this!

You can get it here at the iTunes AppStore.