MTS Launches ‘My Network Feedback’ iOS App to Improve its Network

MTS has launched a free app called My Network Feedback which aims to allow customers to provide feedback on network quality. Essentially if you experience a dropped call, have problems with coverage or data, a bug report can be submitted right away or after the fact. The app does not incur data charges while submitting reports for monthly postpaid users.

  • We are listening to you – What you tell us will help MTS improve our already-award-winning wireless network- help us make it even better!
  • Stay in the loop – we’ll tell you about improvements we are making to the wireless network in your area.
  • Get tips – help keep your phone working its best.
  • Find Wi-Fi – a Wi-Fi Hotspot map that helps you find your nearest MTS Wi-Fi Hotspot locations. These locations have free Wi-Fi for MTS Wireless customers.
Mts network feedback
The app essentially crowdsources its customers, which in the long run can help improve their network. Telus launched a similar app last year.
Click here to download the MTS My Network Feedback app—it’s free.

[via MobileSyrup]