Open Media: Share Your ‘Cellphone Horror Story’ to the CRTC Here has created a new campaign called to allow Canadians to share their unsatisfactory experiences with our wireless companies. The feedback form goes straight to the CRTC, which formerly asked Canadians for their input on developing a new national wireless code. An email blast this morning to its mailing list noted the following plea to Canadians:

You need to act now – the Big Three cell phone giants are poised to use the new national rules process to undo the few rules we currently have to protect us, and lock you into arrangements that are even more costly. It’s wrong, it’s bad for our country, and we shouldn’t stand for it.

We pay some of the highest cell phone fees and are forced into some of the worst contracts in the industrialized world. This is because three big cell phone conglomerates control nearly 94% of the market.

The CRTC needs to understand just how much this affects you: the user, the consumer, the citizen. Show the CRTC that Canadians are stuck in an unfair and expensive cell phone market. Executive Director Steve Anderson, in a press release from today:

“From price-gouging to tight contracts, Canadians have been targeted by unfair practices for a long time,”

“We already pay some of the highest cell phone fees and are forced into some of the most punitive, long-term contracts in the industrialized world. We’re pleased the CRTC has plans to protect Canadians.”

By visiting CellPhoneHorrorStory.caa form on the sidebar allows you to easily share your story to the CRTC, which will be accepting comments from October 17th until November 20th, with a public hearing scheduled to start on January 28th, 2013.

What’s your cellphone horror story?