Rogers Suffering Network Outages: Can’t Make or Receive Calls [u]

Shaw’s Freedom Mobile has been dealing with incoming and outgoing call outages since this morning and the problem appears to be more widespread than expected.

Some customers of Rogers/Fido, Telus/Koodo and Bell/Virgin are also experiencing issues with cellular networks, unable to make or receive calls.

Lots of customers have taken to social media to vent frustrations, while is showing people commenting on respective company pages to note they are having issues with calls, either not connecting or just dropping.

The Rogers Community Forums are saying, “Please be advised some customers may be intermittently experiencing dropped calls or are unable to place or receive calls on their mobile phone or wireless home phone service. We are working diligently to restore services as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.”

Update July 8, 2019: Telus says the outage is not affecting their networks, informing customers, “Some customers may experience calling issues as the result of a service interruption on other carriers’ networks. We are continue to monitor the issue as the providers work to resolve their outage.”

However, as of this morning some Koodo customers are still saying they cannot make calls and Koodo has acknowledged an outage of some sort is still ongoing:

A Bell spokesperson told iPhone in Canada their network did not suffer an outage, saying “Service disruptions on other carrier networks prevented Bell customers from calling or receiving calls from customers of the affected providers. The problem began yesterday afternoon and was resolved around 10pm last night.”

Are you having any issues with incoming or outgoing calls with the Big 3 and their flanker brands?