Fido 1-Day Sale Targets Lucky Mobile Customers with BYOD Plans Starting at $40/4.5GB

Fido lucky mobile customers

Fido has launched a one-day sale targeting Lucky Mobile customers with exclusive BYOD Pulse Plans, not available on Fido’s website.

For Lucky Mobile customers switching over to Fido, you can get the following bring your own device Pulse Plans, according to documents seen by iPhone in Canada:

  • $40/4.5GB
  • $45/6GB
  • $50/8GB
  • Data overages: $10/100MB

These plans come with unlimited Canada-wide calling unlimited global SMS/MMS, call display, name display, call forwarding, call waiting, mini voicemail, Fido Roam and Fido XTRA.

In order to be eligible for these plans, you have to be a Lucky Mobile customer porting in their line to Fido. The company says a “one time Setup Service Fee applies.”

This offer is available until end of day July 16, 2019.