Fido Offering 2GB Free Data Add-On to Select Customers

Fido free 2gb data

Looks like Rogers-owned Fido is handing out 2GB free data for the holidays to select customers.

According to one iPhone in Canada reader in Quebec, Fido has sent out text messages indicating 2GB of free data is available for 24 months, an offer available until December 31, 2019.

Here is the text message sent in French, which informs customers of a ’small surprise’ and asks them to click on the link to get their free 2GB data:

“Allo [name], ici Fido. Voici une petite surprise. À vous, de nous. Obtenez 2 Go de données en prime pendant 24 mois sans frais additionnels. Pour activer, inscrivez-vous simplement à [link] d’ici le 31 Decembre 2019. Offre exclusive pour le [phone number]. Répondez ARRET pour vous désabonner des textos de Fido.
Des questions?”

This 2GB free data offer can also be viewed within Fido My Account on the web.

The targeted Fido customer receiving this text offer is on a $33/4GB ‘win back’ plan from 2018. Activating the free data makes the plan $33/6GB with unlimited nationwide calling, which is not bad.

Did you get this free data offer from Fido? Yesterday, we saw how Koodo sent out extra data add-ons for select customers as well, but those were paid and not free.