Fido Extends Promo $45 BYOD Smart Plan with 1GB Data Indefinitely

At the beginning of this month Fido released a $45 BYOD Smart Plan with 1GB data, matching the initial offer launched by Koodo, which was also similarly matched by Virgin Mobile.

Fido had this ‘promo’ plan expiring on May 4 initially, but that was later extended to May 12. Now, an update to Fido’s website has removed an expiry date altogether, suggesting this plan may stick around for a bit longer, like how Koodo and Virgin also have it listed as available for a “limited time”.

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The Fido plan includes unlimited Canada-wide minutes, unlimited SMS/MMS and Call Display—voicemail is not included, unlike Koodo and Virgin.

So if you’ve been meaning to jump on this plan and thought it had expired, it’s still available.