Fido Home Internet Promo: $150 Bill Credit for New Customers

If you have Fido Home Internet available in your area (Ontario), the company is offering a $150 bill credit for new customers, available until July 4, 2017.

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Fido currently offers the following Home Internet plans:

  • $35/month: 50GB data; up to 5Mbps download speeds
  • $55/month: unlimited data; up to 30Mbps download speeds (new customers only; ends July 11)
  • $60/month: 200GB data; up to 75Mbps download speeds
  • $50/month: 200GB data; up to 30Mbps download speeds
Going over your data will cost $1/GB, to a maximum of $50/month in overages. Overages less than 0.5GB will be rounded down, while greater than 0.5GB will be rounded up.

There is a $49.99 technician install fee if you decline self-install or request a technician visit.

Some RFDers note if you recently signed up, try calling in and asking for the credit. Or if you are beyond that, you could try cancelling and signing up as a new customer under your partner’s name.