Fido Promo Offers $40/5GB Small Tab Plan For Some Customers

If you’re a Fido customer, you may want to login to your account online, as some users on seeing targeted promotions through a pop up message.

User ‘willy156’ from RFD notes seeing a pop up message from Fido after logging in, for “exclusive” offers. Their old plan was a $25 BYOD with 500 minutes and no data.

One particular plan being offered is a $40/5GB plan with unlimited Canada-wide calling, eligible for a Small Tab, including an iPhone 8.

Fido $40 5gb promo ontario

Image via RFD

Other users, in particular those in Quebec, are seeing a $35/3GB BYOD plan being offered.

These promo specific plans appear to have one goal in mind, and that’s to lure users to higher monthly plans, especially if they were on legacy plans.

Your best bet is to login to Fido’s website online and see if any offers pop up for you. If a better plan is available versus your current plan, it may be worth switching (despite the higher data overages at $7/100MB).