Rogers 6GB 3G Smartphone Data Plan Ends on August 31st

Remember when Rogers introduced their iPhone 3G data plans that offered “extreme value” to Canadians? Well, the online fallout of their stellar marketing plans definitely got them some massive media attention from all over.

It wasn’t until July 9th that Rogers surprised us all and buckled to consumer pressure. Their offering was a 6GB smartphone data plan for $30/month. Immediately I knew this was good news since AT&T in the USA soft caps their “unlimited” data plan at 5GB. This change in their data plan pricing encouraged me to line up on launch day. The big question was will Canadians exceed the limitations of the plan?

It depends on who you talk to and their iPhone habits of course. Last month I used my iPhone 3G data plan liberally. I surfed the web, used GPS, watched a few clips here and there…and one month later my bill shows that I only used 311MB. I wonder how much more this number would change if I permanently turned off my WiFi (but that would affect my battery life drastically) and used 3G exclusively. Either way, I am going to be streaming live radio a lot more now that I have a benchmark on how much data I used last month.

What You Really Need To Know…

Okay so enough with the rant. Here’s what you need to know. The 6GB smartphone data plan for $30 will be coming on an end on August 31st, 2008. Who knows if Rogers will extend the plan or not–we know they love to charge us for our data. Once the 6GB plan ends, new iPhone 3G users will have to get the $60/400MB, $75/750MB, $100/1GB, or $115/2GB iPhone 3G voice and data packages (let me know if there’s a cheaper way to get data!) for the best bang for their buck. Or, get yourself oiled up and ready to shell out the regular price of $100 for 6GB of data.

*edit* Forgot to mention that the 6GB data will require a 3 year contract and to cancel you’ll have to pay $5/month for the remainder of the contract, up to a $100 maximum or $25 minimum. Thanks for the reminder and Adam!

Rogers Data Cancellation Policy:
In connection with your 3G Smartphone Data Plan, a Data Early Cancellation Fee (DECF) applies if, for any reason, your service is terminated prior to the end of your 36-month term. The DECF is the greater of (i) $25 or (ii) $5 per month remaining in the term, to a maximum of $100 (plus applicable taxes), and applies in addition to the Early Cancellation Fee (ECF) for termination of your voice plan service agreement.

The 6GB for $30 data plan is awesome, no question. For about $1/day, you get to be connected to the internetz 24/7. Waiting in line, walking to destinations, sitting on the bus/subway, shopping with your lady, avoiding household chores, and being anti-social at gatherings has gotten that much easier with the 6GB data plan.

My suggestion to those waiting in the wings is to add the 6GB data plan to your account before it expires. That way, if you ever do upgrade to the iPhone 3G (or any other data-hungry phone) you’ll be sitting happy. Worst case scenario just remove the plan from your account if you know you’re not going to be upgrading anytime soon.

For those who have not jumped on the 6GB data plan, what are you doing to do?

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