Rogers Customer Service Agents Now All Based in Canada, No Longer Overseas

Rogers has announced it has completed its transition of having 100% of its customer service team based in Canada and no longer outsourced overseas.

The company explains in June, it moved 150 remaining customer service jobs from the Philippines to Canada. These positions have been scattered across Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick, meaning all 7,000 customer service agents are now based in Canada, for Rogers, Fido and chatr.

“We are a proud Canadian company and pride ourselves in quality contact centre jobs in the communities where we live and work,” said Eric Agius, Chief Customer Officer, Rogers Communications, in a statement. “When our customers choose to call us for help with more complex issues, they’ll be served by our Canadian-based team members who are truly experts in our products and services – and as members of their communities, they can relate to the needs of our customers.”

Agius told The Financial Post having employees based in Canada resulted in better training and happier customers, noting “it’s better business.”

During COVID-19, Rogers said its customer service employees were able to perform their jobs from home.

Earlier this month Rogers announced it was hiring 350 jobs for its new customer call centre in Kelowna, B.C.