Rogers to Drop AMC TV Channel on December 31, as No Agreement Reached Yet [u]

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If you’re a Rogers TV subscriber, the company has confirmed it will be dropping the AMC channel from packages on December 31, 2019.

Rogers notified customers back in November AMC would be leaving its channel line up:

Occasionally, we make changes to our channel offerings to reflect the evolving viewership trends of our customers. Starting January 1, 2020, AMC will no longer be available as part of your TV package. If you pay a separate monthly service fee for this channel, you will no longer see this charge on your bill as of this date. We understand that a change like this can be frustrating and we apologize for the inconvenience.

Customers took to the Rogers Community Forums to voice their opinions about the change. Rogers says as of 11:59 p.m. ET, December 31, 2019, the AMC channel will no longer be available.

A Rogers moderator outlined how customers would be affected, saying those with AMC as a standalone channel or part of a theme pack (digital or Ignite TV) paying a separate monthly fee, they will no longer be charged at the end of December. Rogers says

For those with AMC as part of a theme pack, “it will be removed” and theme pack prices will remain the same.

Ignite TV customers with FLEX Channels within a Popular or Premier TV package, or part of a Flex 5 or 10 Package, they will have their AMC channel replaced with a different channel from the Flex Channels pool.

AMC is where customers watch popular shows like The Walking Dead, which just started its tenth season back in October. The show (which seems like it’s never going to end, ever) has already been signed for an eleventh season as well.

Some customers have even created a petition urging Rogers to not drop AMC.

Another Rogers customer tweeted out an apparent email reply from AMC, saying “we hope to come to an agreement with Rogers before our contract expires, ensuring that you can continue to enjoy your favourite programming with no interruption of service.”

But according to Rogers, they note “Although this decision is beyond our control, we understand that this change can be frustrating.”

Rogers and AMC previously agreed to a new distribution agreement back in 2013.

Are you going to be impacted by the loss of AMC within your Rogers TV subscription?

Update 12/5: According to a Rogers spokesperson in regards to AMC, iPhone in Canada was told, “We hope to reach a fair agreement to continue offering the channel to our customers.”

When Rogers makes changes to services, they are obligated under their terms of service to notify customers.