Rogers EPP Promo: $68/20GB BYOD Infinite Plan, Save $27 Per Month

Rogers epp $68 20gb

If your employer offers Rogers employee pricing plans, you may want to check for the latest promos, as right now a 20GB Infinite plan with unlimited data is available for $68 per month on bring your own device.

For non-EPP Rogers customers, the plan costs $95 per month for 20GB of data. However, this EPP promo has the plan available for $68, saving you $27 per month off the regular price.

According to RFD, this latest discount looks to be $10 off, plus another 20% off the $95 price, to take it down to $68 per month.

Back in November, we saw this EPP plan taken down by 20% to $76 per month.

More recently, Rogers, Telus and Bell were all offering 20GB unlimited data plans (with speeds throttled to 512 Kbps after initial data exceeded) on their websites for $75 per month.