Rogers, Fido iPhone 6 Prices Increase, Now Start at $348.99 on Contract

At the beginning of this week Apple raised unlocked iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 prices in Canada, with increases ranging from $90-$150, depending on the model, due to the lower Canadian dollar.

Many pondered when these increases would reach the Big 3 and that day has come, starting off with Rogers and Fido (news of the possible increase hit RFD yesterday).

Those looking to sign a 2-year contract for an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, get ready to pay more. Below are the original Rogers prices on contract, which started at $264.99 for the entry iPhone 6 back in September:

Fast forward to today, that entry price now starts at $348.99, an increase of $84. The new Rogers iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 prices are listed below (the increase was similar for Fido):

Screenshot 2015 03 12 17 07 18

Let’s summarize the changes (increases in parentheses):

iPhone 6 on 2 year contract (Apple’s prices increased by $90/$110/$130)
  • 16GB: $264.99 —> $348.99 (+$84)
  • 64GB: $374.99 —> $478.99 (+$104)
  • 128GB: $484.99 —> $598.99 (+$114)

iPhone 6 Plus on 2-year contract (Apple’s prices increased by $110/$130/$150)

  • 16GB: $374.99 —> $478.99 (+$104)
  • 64GB: $484.99 —> $598.99 (+$114)
  • 128GB: $594.99 —> $728.99 (+$134)

When asked about this price change, a Rogers spokesperson responded with the following statement via email:

Apple increased their pricing in Canada and several other countries. As a result, our current pricing reflects this recent increase.

As of writing, Bell and TELUS have not increased their iPhone 6 prices, but expect that to change shortly. The bottom line, it’s going to be a bit more expensive to own an iPhone (or any Apple product) as of now.