Rogers, Fido Promo: Device Protection Plans Now Available for Older Phones

Rogers premium device protection

Rogers and Fido offer Device Protection Plans for customers looking for aftermarket coverage of their smartphones. These plans are only available within the first 45 days of your new phone purchase, leaving those beyond that period out of luck.

However, a current promo has re-opened Device Protection Plan enrollment to all phones, including older devices beyond the 45-day purchase window.

A Rogers spokesperson told iPhone in Canada this promotion is targeting bring your own device (BYOD) customers to jump on an aftermarket protection plan, which can replace a lost or stolen device (except in Quebec).

Rogers device protection plans range from $9 and up to $15 per month. The $13 plan includes your first broken screen repair for free, as long as no other damage is on your smartphone. If you’re clumsy or your children are prone to disrespecting their shiny smartphones, protection plans are simply insurance for peace of mind.

The $15 Rogers bundle plan includes Premium Voicemail-to-Text/iPhone Visual Voicemail, Unlimited U.S. & international text messaging, and Premium U.S. & international calling rate for $2 more. Normally this costs $7 per month on its own.

This open device enrollment window for Rogers and Fido is available until May 31, 2019, for new and existing customers.