Rogers LTE Network Now Reaches 24M Canadians, Over 120 Cities [VIDEO]

Rogers has announced its LTE network has reached over 24 million Canadians in over 120 cities and counting. The company boasts it has “Canada’s fastest LTE network”, up to two times faster than its competitors nationally, but it comes with a disclaimer:

(Our lawyers want us to point out that this is based on tests comparing average download speeds across Canada within Rogers LTE coverage areas. An LTE device and SIM card are required to access top speeds, which may vary based on factors such as device, topography and environmental conditions.)

The company made the following video of the ‘Rogers Blown Away Speed Challenge’ which was filmed across Canada:

Below is an infographic explaining the Rogers data network, which says data costs have lowered from 6 cents/MB to as low as one penny/MB today:

Network 2X Infographic English

Do you have Rogers LTE in your area? How are your speeds?