Rogers Price Increase Coming for Customers on Older Infinite Plans

rogers infinite data plans 2023

Rogers has started notifying some customers on older Infinite plans their bills are going up.

According to iPhone in Canada reader Rob, his latest January Rogers bill statement included a blurb about a price increase set to take place in March, 2023.

The heading “Changes to your Wireless Plan Rate” then explains the monthly service fee for his wireless plan will increase by $4 per month plus taxes, beginning on the date of his first bill after March 6, 2023, says the bill statement seen by iPhone in Canada.

Rogers says if this wireless line is on a fixed term or financing agreement, the rate increase will not kick into effect until the term is over.

The company says for the remainder of the term, “an offsetting discount” will be applied so monthly service fees do not change. When terms expire, this discount will come to an end and the wireless rate plan will increase on the next bill. Any changes to existing wireless plans before the end of terms will result in price increases and discounts ending.

Rogers mentions the change is made in accordance with the CRTC Wireless Code and other wireless services on a customer’s account will remain the same.

In Rob’s case, he was on the entry Rogers Infinite plan that started out at $75 with 25GB. Rogers later increased that price (along with Telus and Bell) to $80 per month in January 2021.

On his next March bill, his plan will be $84 per month, after this $4 price increase. The $4 increase also applies to secondary lines on his account.

Rob says he’s been a Rogers customer for over 30 years and this latest price increase will affect his main line and all the other secondary lines on this account.

As of writing, Rogers Infinite plans start at $84 per month with 25GB of data at up to 250 Mbps speeds, with reduced speeds after initial data allotments are exhausted. The company’s Infinite Extra plan is $95 with 40GB of data, at speeds up to 1Gbps.

Canada + US plans are $105 with 60GB and $125 with 100GB of data, at speeds up to 1Gbps.

Are you seeing a wireless rate plan increase note on your monthly Rogers bill statement? Time to log into your account and take a look. If you’re seeing price increases from Telus or Bell, let us know as well (