Rogers Promo: No Activation Fee, this Weekend Only

If you’re about to do a hardware upgrade to the iPhone 5, Rogers is waiving the activation fee for this weekend only. Here’s what they emailed us to share with you all:

From September 28 until midnight on September 30, Rogers will waive the activation or administration fee on all consumer and small business activations or hardware upgrades. Customers who reserve a device on the Rogers Reservation System, and who perform a HUP on that device, will also have their upgrade administration fee waived, regardless of when they do the HUP.

We’re also still offering our two-week guarantee with our Rogers Reservation System. Reserve a device using the system, and if it doesn’t ship within two weeks, we’ll give the customer a $50 credit on one of the customer’s next two invoices following the activation of the reserved device on their account.

Anyone jumping on this ‘deal’? Are you still waiting for your iPhone 5 pre-order?