Rogers Repair Program Now Offers Walk-In Repairs Completed ‘Within Hours’

Rogers repair program

The Rogers Repair program has been ‘modernized’, according to the company, now capable of fixing your phone within hours, as part of a walk-in drop off option.

Rogers detailed the following changes coming to its Repair Program:

  • Walk-in repair: phones now fixed “within hours” instead of over a week
  • Start or track repairs via the MyRogers App and other channels
  • Better notifications: Repair notifications sent out at major milestones over email
  • Better courtesy phone availability: Most customers can get a Samsung Galaxy S8, which can be shipped to your location if local stores are out of stock
  • Device Toolbox: offers self-diagnostics with working with tech support and online
  • Device Protection integration: start a Device Protection claim via; easier migration for out of warranty devices

“Good news! We’re modernizing the Rogers Repair Program. This means we’re offering you a quick and easy repair experience right when something happens to your device. Start with the Device Toolbox: the online troubleshooting and repair process within the MyRogers App. You can also reach out to our technical support experts, or visit your local Rogers store,” explained the company in its online forum.

Devices under warranty are fixed at no charge, while devices out of warranty are provided a repair quote on whether or not to proceed.

“An estimate fee still applies if the repair charges are rejected,” says Rogers in its FAQ.

Rogers says customers should back up all personal data as devices are wiped during the repair process.