Rogers Smart Home Monitoring Update Adds Touch/Face ID and iPhone X Support

For those subscribed to Rogers Smart Home Monitoring, the company’s iOS app was updated today with some worthwhile updates.

Rogers smart home monitoring

Users can now create scenes to automate multiple devices simultaneously, while there’s now a more intuitive interface to create automations, explains Rogers.

For iOS users, you can now sign-in and arm/disarm your system with Touch ID and Face ID, while iPhone X support has finally landed. If your device supports 3D Touch, it’s now available to access shortcuts from the app’s home screen icon.

Rogers says there is now an “enhanced” help centre, to go with enhancements and unnamed bug fixes.

Be warned though, as some users, such as iPhone in Canada reader @codedbydesign, says the update breaks passwords, limiting to 16 characters. This means if you have a password longer than 16 characters, you cannot login. Also, passwords can only contain letters and numbers, and not special characters.

Click here to download Rogers Smart Home Monitoring for iOS in the App Store–but you may want to hold off before updating.