Rogers TV Ad Says ‘We’ve Made Mistakes’ But ‘The Best is Yet to Come’ [WATCH]

A new Rogers TV ad has highlighted its corporate history in Canada, starting with Ted Rogers introducing the country’s first FM radio station in 1962 all the way until the debut of “the most advanced mobile network this country has ever seen.”

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The most interesting part of the commercial is Rogers acknowledging “At times, we’ve made mistakes, but that only makes us work harder to be better tomorrow,” while finishing with a quote from the late founder Ted Rogers saying they believe “the best is yet to come.”

Check out the ad below:

The recent CCTS annual report noted Rogers and its subsidiary Fido had roughly 29% of customers complaints, second behind Bell at 32%, while Telus only had about 6% of complaints.

The company’s relatively new CEO Guy Laurence announced ‘Rogers 3.0’ back in May, a new plan aimed at overhauling the customer experience, which includes the help of former Google VP Deepak Khandelwal, who started at the company just over two weeks ago.