Zoomer Wireless Promo: $36/5GB Plan, $100 Credit, Free Galaxy A11 or Moto G Fast

Zoomer wireless promo

Zoomer Wireless is owned by Burnaby-based Cityfone in B.C.’s Lower Mainland, with the latter a subsidiary of Rogers.

The company operates on the Rogers LTE network and its ongoing promo plan for $36/5GB is back, this time offering $100 in bill credit and a free Samsung Galaxy A11 or Motorola Moto G smartphone for free, on a 2-year term.

The $36 plan includes 800 minutes and unlimited messaging, along with usual extras such as call display, call waiting, conference calling, mini voicemail and name display.

If you sign up under a referral you can get extra bill credits as well. Many people sell the free phone, then use that money to buy a newer phone such as an iPhone, then pop in the Zoomer SIM card.

While 5GB may not be a lot of data, for those working from home during COVID-19 and using Wi-Fi all the time, $36/month is a decent price for a starter line for your kids or something of that nature. The promo ends on October 15, 2020.

[via RFD]