SaskTel Launches New Monthly Plans, Including Unlimited Data for $100/mo


SaskTel has launched new monthly wireless plans ranging from $60 to $100 per month, with the latter offering unlimited everything including data. Below are the new plans:

Ultimate 60

  • $60/month
  • Unlimited evenings and weekends
  • 400 daytime minutes
  • 1 GB of data
  • Unlimited SMS/MMS
  • Call display and mini mail
Ultimate 70
  • $70/month
  • Same as Ultimate 60 but…
  • Adds Unlimited local minutes
  • Adds 150 Canadian long distance minutes
  • Adds 10 GB data
Ultimate 13th Man
  • $85/month
  • Same as Ultimate 70 but…
  • Adds Unlimited local and Canadian long distance minutes
  • Adds 13 GB data
Ultimate 100
  • $100/month
  • Same as Ultimate 13th Man but…
  • Adds Unlimited data
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SaskTel has some fun describing its new $85/month plan: “Just like the extra player on the bench, the Ultimate 13th Man plan gives you everything you need — unlimited talk and text, plus bench support with 13GB of data.”

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For those outside Saskatchewan on the ‘Big 3’ (aside from Quebec and Manitoba), to get a plan with 6 GB of data costs $140—whereas here for $85 you get 13 GB. Wireless competition is alive and well, folks (if you’re lucky to be in a province with a regional carrier that is).

SaskTel recently admitted it may not be eligible to bid for set-aside airwaves in the upcoming AWS-3 wireless spectrum auction due to its high provincial marketshare.

Let us know if you’re going to be switching to any of these plans.

[via MobileSyrup]