Freedom Mobile Big Binge Bonus Disappears for Some Due to System Error

Back in November 2018, Freedom Mobile launched its Big Binge bonus data for Black Friday, offering 100GB of extra LTE data for those signing up to a Big Gig plan and a new smartphone on a two-year term.

The fine print explained at the time, “the bonus data will remain available on your account for as long as you remain an active customer in good standing on an Eligible Plan.”

However, some Freedom Mobile customers with expiring contracts, such as iPhone in Canada reader Ernest, saw their Big Binge bonus disappear. Freedom Mobile customer service told him the bonus was tied to his contract, based on what was showing in the company’s systems.

After iPhone in Canada reached out to Freedom Mobile about the situation, the company admitted a “backend system error inadvertently” caused the suspension of the 100GB Big Binge Bonus data on Ernest’s account.

“We are correcting the error on the account and will be letting the customer know shortly,” explained a Freedom Mobile spokesperson to iPhone in Canada, adding, “We are also completing a sweep of our backend system to ensure the issue is corrected for any other potentially impacted customers.”

Freedom Mobile reiterated Big Binge Bonus data only is removed if a customer switches to an ineligible plan or cancels their MyTab early.