Freedom Mobile Data Bonus Offers $40/11GB Plan and More

Freedom mobile logo

Shaw’s Freedom Mobile has launched a new bonus data event, offering 7-8 GB of extra data depending on plans. Here’s what’s available for bring your own device plans, after a $5 Digital Discount:

  • $35/9GB (2GB + 7GB)
  • $40/11GB (3GB + 8GB)
  • $45/13GB (5GB + 8GB)
  • $50/14GB (6GB + 8GB)

Freedom mobile bonus data

All of these plans include unlimited nationwide talk and text.

The data bonus offers a lower price point compared to promo plans from the flanker brands of Rogers, Telus and Bell.

Currently, Fido, Koodo and Virgin are all offering $50/9GB BYOD plans, which are $15 more per month compared to Freedom Mobile. A 13GB plan from Big 3 flanker brands costs $60 per month (versus $45 from Freedom). Freedom Mobile’s 14GB plan is $50, while Fido, Koodo and Virgin offer 15GB for $75.

The wireless wars may be heating up as we head into the busy fall and holiday quarter.

A separate promo from Freedom Mobile also offers a $20 talk and text plan. The wireless company also is set to increase its connection fee to $30 in October, while also recently launched Apple Watch SE (Series 6 to come later).