Shaw BlueCurve TV App Gets Chromecast Support to Watch on Your TV

Shaw bluecurve tv

Shaw’s BlueCurve TV app was recently updated to support casting to your TV screen. This marks the first time we’ve seen Shaw allow customers to cast streaming TV to a home television.

“Casting allows you to stream (or cast) content from the BlueCurve TV app to your TV screen, using your mobile device or Chrome browser as a remote control. You can stream from the BlueCurve TV mobile or web apps to a Chromecast enabled TV over any WiFi connection within Canada,” explains Shaw’s recently updated website.

Previously known as FreeRange TV, Shaw rebranded the latter to BlueCurve TV last fall. Use of the app requires a Shaw cable TV subscription.

As for Apple users, support for AirPlay is not available, while a native BlueCurve app for Apple TV 4/4K still does not exist. With Chromecast now supported for BlueCurve TV, this may be a hint more streaming options to televisions may be coming in the future. Maybe Shaw will deliver a gift to its Apple TV customers in 2020?

According to Shaw, you’ll need BlueCurve TV app versions 6.2.1 on Android, 6.0.1 on iOS and Google Chrome 6.2 to cast content to your TV.

Chromecast devices include the original Chromecast, plus versions 2, 3, Ultra and Home Hub.

Casting will work on Android devices running Android 5.0 or newer and Apple devices running iOS 12.0 or newer.

You can click here to download Shaw BlueCurve TV in the App Store.

Thanks John!