Shaw Launches LTE Backup for Businesses to Stay Online During Internet Outages

Shaw lte backup

Shaw has announced LTE Back for Shaw Business customers, which the company describes as “a simple add-on solution that gives business owners peace of mind in knowing that the tools and systems they rely on are more equipped to stay online if a primary internet connection disruption were ever to occur.”

LTE Backup will cover connected Point-Of-Sale (POS) terminals and cloud applications for example, providing connectivity when wired internet goes down.

“Business owners depend on their critical systems and applications to run smoothly and ensure they’re able to deliver the best customer experiences possible,” said Katherine Emberly, President, Business, Brand and Communications, Shaw Communications, in a statement. “With Shaw Business and LTE Backup, customers are able to rest assured that their systems can stay connected, allowing them to focus on what’s most important — running their business.”

Shaw says with LTE Backup, the latter will kick in automatically if a wired internet outage occurs, with systems and applications switching to its LTE network. When wireline connections go back online, internet will switch back to its original network.

Staying online means businesses can resume handling sales, keep support tools online and process orders, for example.

LTE Backup is available from $25/month add-on for new and existing Shaw Business Internet and SmartWiFi customers.