Koodo Offers $65/12GB, $80/20GB Plans to Select Customers

If you’re a Koodo customer you may want to check your text messages or log into online Self Serve, as the company is sending offers of $65/12GB and $80/20GB to select customers.

“We’ve got a ton of exclusive deals on plans, like 12GB for $65 or 20GB for $80 when you upgrade your phone in Self Serve,” reads a Koodo text message. The company says the offers expire on September 28, 2019.

Koodo text offer

According to RFD, the user who shared the text message says he is currently on Koodo’s $60/10GB plan, with a 1GB add-on via retentions. These upgraded plans aim to move customers to higher priced plans and also perform phone upgrades.

Others were sent offers of $55/10GB or $75/15GB via text message from Koodo, so it appears offers may vary.

Did you get any of these special offers from Koodo via text message?