Koodo Increases Price of Easy Roam Add-Ons, Now Starts at $12/day [Update]

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Telus-owned Koodo recently increased the price of its Easy Roam U.S. and International add-ons.

Easy Roam plans allow customers to use their existing minutes, texts and data when travelling to the U.S. or internationally. It means you can use your phone ‘as normal’ but you pay a daily roaming fee.

Easy Roam U.S. has increased in price to $12/day, up from $11/day, while Easy Roam International increases to $15/day, up from $14/day.

Koodo says for U.S. destinations, the $12/day fee is capped at $240 per billing cycle, and after that, it means there are no extra charges. For international destinations, the fee is capped at $300 per billing cycle. It comes down to when your billing cycle dates are, because if there is an overlap you can still be charged more than these amounts.

The price increases coincidentally have occurred with COVID-19 travel restrictions easing up and more Canadians finally travelling again.

For those seeking to save money on long distance and roaming while travelling, popping in a SIM card or subscribing to an e-SIM roaming plan may be more cost-effective.

Koodo Easy Roam launched back in 2017 and was priced at $7/day for U.S. and $10/day for international travel, and since then has seen its monthly pricing increase over the years.

Update April 28: According to a Koodo spokesperson in an email to iPhone in Canada, the price changes kicked into effect on April 1, 2022. “We do not take the decision to increase the cost of services lightly and recognize this increase has an impact on our customers,” said Koodo.

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