Koodo iPhone Unlock Now Available for $50

Telus introduced an unlocking policy for iPhones on June 1st (here’s how the process works), and now they have offered the service to its customers on their Koodo brand for $50, reports MobileSyrup.

Essentially the requirements are the same for Koodo customers (as they were for Telus):

  • The iPhone must operate on the Koodo network.
  • Client must have an iPhone registered for a postpaid account with Koodo for at least 90 days.
  • The customer’s account must be current and in good standing.
  • The last three consecutive bills must have been paid in full.
Rogers has long offered iPhone unlocking–the only hold out right now is Bell. So according to Apple’s support page for authorized carrier unlockers, we see Rogers, Fido and Telus. Expect Koodo to be soon added to the list below:
Let us know if you’re a Koodo iPhone customer and are going to jump on this!