Koodo Prepaid Promo: Booster Add-Ons Get 2x Data, Minutes, Texts

Koodo Mobile users on prepaid plans, there’s a decent promo right now on Booster Add-ons, which are now getting double the value (via RFD).

Boosters are essentially extra data, minutes or text messages prepaid users can purchase—which never expire if your account is active.

Here’s what’s available after the double value add-ons…

Canada-wide Data Booster Add-ons:

  • $30 for 2GB data
  • $20 for 1GB data
  • $10 for 200MB data
Canada-wide Talk Booster Add-ons:
  • $25 for 1000 anytime minutes
  • $10 for 200 anytime minutes
  • $5 for 50 anytime minutes
U.S. Roaming Data Booster Add-ons
  • $20 for 1GB data
  • $5 for 100MB data
U.S. Roaming Talk Booster Add-ons
  • $20 for 500 minutes
  • $5 for 50 minutes
U.S. Roaming Text Booster Add-ons
  • $20 for 2000 texts
  • $5 for 500 texts

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If you’re a prepaid user that tends to go over on data, buying some data Boosters at $30 for 2GB ($15 for 1GB) is not a bad offer, especially since they can just remain in your account and never expire.

Let us know if you’re going to getting any of these promos on Boosters.