Koodo Quietly Activates LTE Service In Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, and More

After many months of waiting, Koodo is finally lighting up many popular Canadian cities with their recently launched LTE network. Koodo hinted that LTE was coming on September 21st via their Twitter account, but they never made an official announcement on their website.

Koodo will be using the LTE coverage of Telus, its parent company. This ultimately means that when Telus expands, Koodo will take advantage of the situation and expand too. Telus hopes to expand their LTE service to a total of 25 million Canadian residents by the end of 2012.

If you’re on Koodo, here are the listed LTE locations: Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec,  and Nova Scotia. Many other locations are limited to 4G HSPA internet capabilities.

The iPhone 5 is the very first device on their network that has listed LTE capabilities. Currently though you cannot purchase the device online, all purchases must be made in-store.

If you want to see exact locations of Koodo’s 4G LTE network expansion click here to view the coverage map. The east coast seems to be lit up well, while there is spotty LTE service throughout many middle and western provinces

[via MobileSyrup]