Koodo Plans Now Include “Shock-Free Data” Protection

Koodo has now implemented what the company calls Shock-free Data to its current plans, which texts customers at certain data usage intervals and eventually pauses it when caps have been reached.

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The company says Shock-free Data “lets you be in control of your own data usage so you can avoid unexpected charges,” with texts sent when 50%, 90% and 100% of data has been used.

When you’ve reached your data limit, Koodo will pause data access so you don’t incur extra charges. When your data is paused, Koodo says you can top up your data from your smartphone directly with two options:

1) Use your plan’s data pay-per-use rate
2) Top up your data for $20/1 GB for one bill cycle; once used up, data will be paused again; customers can continue to use data but it will be at your plan’s pay-per-use rate

Data alerts can be turned off within Self Serve accounts if you don’t want them. These data alerts also work on monthly Talk & Text plans at the same intervals.

Koodo says existing customers can take advantage of Shock-free Data by changing to a current plan, either through Self Serve or renewing your Tab.

The CRTC Wireless Code says a wireless service provider must pause data overage charges if they reach $50 within a single monthly billing cycle, unless customers consent to paying extra for overages. Wireless providers are mandated to provide this cap protection free of charge. For roaming data, this amount is to be capped at $100.