Koodo Offers ‘Special Plans’ for Some Customers from $40/4GB to $80/20GB

If you’re a Koodo customer, you may want to check your online account to see if there are ‘special plans’ available.

Those signing into their accounts may see the following Tab plans available, which all come with unlimited minutes and messaging. These “exclusive” plans are available on Tabs, which mean you can use them towards phone upgrades. Interestingly, Tab Large plans are also the same as Extra Large and Extra Extra Large (via RFD).

Tab Small

  • $40/4GB
  • $45/6GB

Tab Medium

  • $45/6GB
  • $50/8GB
  • $55/10GB
  • $60/12GB

Koodo tab medium plans

Tab Large/Extra Large/Extra Extra Large

  • $55/10GB
  • $60/12GB
  • $75/15GB
  • $80/20GB

Koodo tab large plans

These targeted offers are most likely a way for Koodo to increase a user’s monthly spend.

With Black Friday coming later this month and Boxing Day next month, we may see better seasonal deals come along. If you’re seeing these plans, you could take the chance and switch now, or wait for possibly better deals.