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Koodo Launches New Tab Extra Large Subsidy

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Telus flanker brand has launched a fourth subsidy option for customers called Tab Extra Large, which goes beyond the company’s existing Tab Large.

According to an internal memo sent to Koodo locations, the company explains “the Koodo Tab is evolving!”, detailing the addition of Tab Extra Large and changes to Tab Large.

Tab Large now offers $360.01 to $480 in subsidies up front, with a monthly tab charge of $16-20 per month.

As for new Tab Extra Large, it offers $480.01 to $720 subsidies up front, with a monthly tab charge of $21-30 per month.

Tab extra large

So for example, if a customers wants a 64GB iPhone X on Tab Extra Large, they’ll pay $600 up front, while get a $720 subsidy, which they will pay back at $30 per month over 24 months, on top of a minimum monthly plan of $80.

According to Koodo, marketing for Tab Extra Large is live now on the company’s website, noting “pricing is only available in-store”.

For existing customers on Tab Large, no changes will occur unless they upgrade their phone and the Tab amount changes based on the next smartphone purchase price. Customers who are eligible for Tab Large are also eligible for Tab Extra Large.

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