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London Drugs TELUS iPhone 5 Sale: $0 for 16GB, $149 for 32GB, $199 for 64GB

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Western retailer London Drugs is currently holding a sale on new TELUS iPhone 5 activations on a three year term, with the 16GB model available for free. Here’s what’s available:

  • 16GB iPhone 5: $0 (regularly $179)
  • 32GB iPhone 5: $149 (regularly $279)
  • 64GB iPhone 5: $199 (regularly $379)
telus $0 iphone 5
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The offer is only available in stores and looks to be for new activations only. These are the biggest discounts we’ve seen for the iPhone 5, aside from a deal last December when 16GB models were available for $79 and 32GB and 64GB models were slashed by $100.

Currently, Future Shop and Best Buy are offering the 16GB iPhone 5 on a three year term for $149 for new activations, available from our ‘Big 3’ carriers. You could try price matching this deal at either of these retailers.

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If you’re into three year contracts and subsidies, a free iPhone 5 on a three year term might be pretty hard to pass up. There’s no word on when this offer expires.

Let us know if you’re going to jump on this!

[via RFD]

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