Public Mobile Offers Customers $25/1GB Plan + $120 Credit to Switch to Koodo

Telus prepaid brand, Public Mobile, is again targeting some customers with a switcher promo plan, if they jump over to sibling company Koodo Mobile on a postpaid plan.

The offer being sent to customers via text message is a $25 plan with 1GB of data, along with unlimited Canada-wide anytime minutes, unlimited messaging, unlimited evenings and weekends at 5PM, plus the usual extras like call display, voicemail, call waiting, 3-way calling and Canada-wide family calling.

Public mobile switcher koodo $25 1gb

This plan says additional data is billed at $7 per 100MB (or $70/1GB), and has a $30 connection fee when purchased in store (but $0 if purchased online).

This deal also offers a promo $10 credit for 12 months ($120) and is applicable for Tab Small. With the credit, it essentially means your Tab Small loan ($240) is paid off by half.

The promo code to get the offer is JOINKOODO251 and the offer expires on August 21, 2018.

The RFD user who shared this offer said they are currently on Public Mobile’s $30 plan with 500MB data (activated back in April).

This plan is essentially targeted at those who rarely use their phones, but get a decent plan at $25 per month.

While this offer tries to get Public Mobile customers to jump over to Koodo, we’ve seen previous offers with the opposite happening. Just last week, Koodo Mobile offered a ‘win back’ plan to some Public Mobile customers to switch back to the former, with a $45/8GB plan.