Public Mobile Offers $50/8GB 3G Plan With Unlimited Canada/USA Calling

Last month Telus prepaid brand, Public Mobile, launched a $50 per month plan with 6.5GB of 3G data, which included unlimited Canada/USA calling.

Now, it appears Public Mobile is again offering this plan but sweetening the deal, to now include 8GB of data per month for the same price.

If you head over to the ‘Build your own plan’ section of the Public Mobile website, you will see the bonus data. Just select 90-days, Canada-wide and to the U.S. calling, International text, and the 18GB + 6GB bonus 3G data over 90 days, then your subtotal will be $150. That works out to $50/8GB every 30 days.

After setting up Autopay, the plan works out to $48/8GB, and after five years of loyalty, you will be paying $43/8GB (save $1/month off in year one, up to $5/month off in year five).

Public mobile $50 8GB

Customers using Public Mobile refer to the company’s 3G plans as “LTE lite”, since Telus just throttles LTE speeds to 3G equivalents. If you’re okay with having 3G speeds, then a $50/8GB plan with Public Mobile may be something to consider.

Those looking to join Public Mobile can get $10 free credit when signing up under a friend. Email tips @ if you require a referral.

[via RFD]