Public Mobile Promo Offers $10/2GB Data Add-On for Select Customers


You may want to check your text messages this morning because Telus-owned prepaid brand, Public Mobile, has been sending out special data add-on offers to select customers.

The text message reads, “Public Mobile here. It’s important to stay connected now more than ever. If you need more data, here’s an offer just for you: an extra 2GB data for an extra $10/mo+tax.”

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According to RFD user ‘jdu0ng’, the offer is good until April 29, 2020, and user plans will change on the next renewal date. Users are told they won’t be able to go back to their old plans if it’s no longer current.

The offer was sent to customers with plans priced from $15 to $25 per month. For users on a $25/1GB plan, the add-on results in a $35 plan with 3GB of data (at 3G speeds). This is better than the existing Public Mobile plan priced at $35/1.5GB.

Did you get any text offers from Public Mobile today?